About Jared

Experienced Family Professional

Jared is a private practice clinician with extensive experience working in the field of high conflict separation and divorce. Beyond his clinical practice he serves on the clinical panel with the Office of the Children's Lawyer, and provides court connected family mediation with Mediate393. He is also a speaker and trainer on the topics of family and individual mental health, and has taught domestically and  internationally on the topics of mediation and parenting coordination.

Jared is a former associate at Riverdale Mediation, and has practiced at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, Frontenac Youth Services, and the Distress Centre of Toronto. He has conducted Section 34 YCJA assessments for youth in conflict with the law, and has also conducted assessment for The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C).

Jared is a Collaborative Family Professional.

Training & Education

Jared completed his Master of Social Work Degree at the University of Toronto with a specialization in Child, Youth, and Families. He holds certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Advanced Family Mediation, and has specialized training in therapeutic interventions and addictions work, including process addictions such as problem gambling and gaming. 

Jared's Approach

Jared works with individuals and families to meet their goals and to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from living healthy and authentic lives. Jared believes that no one intervention is right for everybody, and that every client, family, and situation is unique. By tailoring interventions to the uniqueness of each client, change comes from within and outcomes are durable and long lasting.