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Individual and Family Services

Jared offers a range of services for families, couples and individuals navigating challenging life events. 

Knowledge & Experience

Life is full of challenges. Getting support from a professional with the knowledge and experience to guide you through those difficult times can make all the difference.

Desire for a new way of being

We all want to move forward towards a better and healthier way of living. Whether as individuals, or in our relationships, change is possible. Knowing what type of support you need and when may be the difference between staying stuck or finding a new way of being.

Our Focus

Separation & Divorce

Separation and Divorce can be one of the hardest experiences of your life. Whether still deciding if separation is the right thing to do, or if you are in the middle of a divorce, or still struggling years after, there are ways to make it better and easier for you and your children. 


Child Focused Practice

Your children are your most valuable asset. They are also the most vulnerable. Ensuring your children are protected, supported, and heard is the foundation of our work.


Families & Relationships

Families and our relationships shape and define us. Ensuring our relationships are healthy is central to supporting our own mental health, as well as our children and their well-being.  Developing a healthy co-parenting relationship  with your children's other parent is an attainable and necessary goal.

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